MCSystems Software, LLC

We deliver good systems, at a profit if we can, at a loss if we must, but we deliver good systems.

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Six Reasons to Use MCSystems


1. Design

• Programs designed by programmers with many years public sector experience

2. Efficient Programs

• Our programs minimize keystrokes
• Increase visibility
• Leverage your tallents to make you look better
• Encapsulates all data related to program subject

3. Alternatives

• Desktop, Web, combination
• Computer and phone
• Cloud, No cloud

4. Data Conversion

• Before issuing voucher coordinate with us to determine the
• Convert your existing data (Contact us to discuss feasibility)
• Usually free

5. Tech Support

• By sharing your screen, we will watch your work, encouraging and directing your operations so that you will learn far better than by on-site help looking over your shoulder

6. Pricing

• Extremely low because of our business model. Outside of the United States prices will reflect the norms of the local economy

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Public Works

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Fleet Management

Everything the busy garage supervisor needs to keep them rolling. Police and others enter Vehicle mileage and problems from a cell phone or MDT with the result immediately available in the shop


Public Work Orders

Public works work orders. Gives the manager control over his costs and employee performance. Exellent reports


Fuel Manager

The fuel manager works in conjunction with the Fleet manager. Updates vehicle mileage and provides fuel costs for each vehicle in the fleet, thus automatically providing life cycle costing of each vehicle.


Public Service

The Publc Service product is a public sector implementaion of Customer Relations Software
(CRM) popular in the private sector.

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County Planning Board

County planning boards have a much different role than local boards. Our County Planner reflects that difference and provides a robust product that is focused on county board needs


The Negotiator

This right of Way acquisition software is arguably the best in class (IMHO) (I have seen some of the competition and they do not cut it). It takes the mystery out of right of way acquition.


Sign Billing

Sign billing was born of a need. It is quick, easy and robust. Includes photos of signs


Police Partner

This is a unique piece of software. It started with a murder in Westville many years ago and has evolved into a remarkable product. Complete records management. Includes dispatch, investigations, arrests and more.

In the Cloud

Clouds are the rage these days and for good reason. They are easy to maintain, accessible from anywhere, remove a burden from your IT staff, are not affected by local power failures, and more….

The downside is that all vendors charge $3,600 or more per year for your program in the cloud.

We like clouds and will provide one if you like. But we also like the idea of having local data on local computers. In fact, you better check your state’s current rules, at one point, I know that keeping certain types of data local was required in NJ. So it is your choice, cloud or no-cloud. We will quote either way.

About Us

MC Systems Software and Services is dedicated to making life easier for government employees. We, at MC Systems, write software that does the grunt work for you. It does this work easily, efficiently and completely.

We, the staff of MCSystems, are proud of our software and we are passionate about what we do: the design and implementation of the best quality software to help municipalities, counties and states.

MCSystems Software, LLC developed seven community development programs which are now being offered by our associate company MCSystems Solutions, LLC