…that when you upgrade to MCSystems software, the data from your previous system is frequently converted and imported into our products?

…that unlike the competition, MCSystems programs are fully integrated with each other when appropriate? For example, the Fleet Manager program,  the Fuel Manager, and the Public Works program all share information.

… that MCSystems can provide free access to Google maps and to GIS when appropriate. Live satellite views too when available

…that our programs have the best security around? We can restrict access to the field level if you desire it.

…that MCSystems is willing to challenge any other system for ease of use. Counting keystrokes alone, we believe that most of our programs typically require 50% or less keystrokes for the same task in another program.

…that we are passionate about what we do: the design and implementation of the best quality software to help municipalities, counties and states.

…that our competitors would love to be able to write software that has the visibility (the big picture) and the screens that we provide. But they don’t know how, they don’t have the vision and/or knowledge, and even if they could provide them the job would be far too expensive!

…our products use Microsoft SQL as the repository for your data.

…any time you see this symbol a coordinated rapid web program for any cell phone, pad or laptop computer can be provided for field work. Extreme customization is available.  Our major software products are available as web versions if you ask.


…We like technology. But not blindly. For example, about a month ago we updated a critical program that we own. I used it intensively for two weeks. And got disgusted. It took much longer to do what was needed. We reverted to a much earlier version. We do not update unless it is better the customer.

…Most, if not all of our software products are available as web versions as well as desktop versions.